2014  - First year




Chris & Miranda McBride

Jeremy & Abbie Payton

(Back row) Theresa H, Lisa W, Jana P, Shelli L, Kimberly C
(Front row) Melanie B, Marilyn D, Anny M, Christine B, Tara L, Alicia M

 Not pictured: Laure E, Amy R, Caryn M

Picture taken September 2014


How Austin Special needs began

In December 2013, I called JumpStreet to inquire about exclusive hours for special needs kids so that our daughter with autism could enjoy it. JumpStreet was willing to accommodate us and we had our first Special Needs Hour in January 2014. It was a huge success and led to more events because it was a great need within our community. In efforts to better organize events and contacts, my brother Chris McBride created this website. We love meeting new families and spending time with others who "get it". In the future, we hope to find more opportunities to bring more special needs families together.       - Abbie Payton

Organizers 2014

   Austin Special needs COMMITTEE 2014

Heather Van Horn & Abbie Payton

Providing community, support, and recreation for parents with special needs children of all ages in the North Austin area.