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We are so excited to announce that as of May 2015 we are transitioning from bi-weekly emails to Meetup.comwhich is a website that will organize all our events!!!! 
     This will simplify so much by making a centralized location for listing all our events chronologically, monthly calendars, posting pictures from events, discussion boards, and informational fliers. It also is an easier way for parents to connect with other parents of special needs children in our community. 


      It's free to join because The Autism Society of Central Texas is assisting us with meetup dues and funds for future events. We are still Austin Special Needs and we are open to ALL disabilities. Our group and Leadership Team (Event Organizers) are not changing. We are just joining forces with Autism Society so that we can help reach more families in the Austin area and develop a powerful community for our special children.  
    It is SUPER easy to sign up! It will take you about 3 minutes and it can even be done from your mobile device. All of our events are now posted in the Meetup Group and some have maximum numbers of guests so make sure to RSVP soon!
New to Meetup? How to join (from computer)
1. You must first create an account on
2. PLEASE make your username your name so we know who you are (Abbie Payton or Abbie P.)
3. We also request that you use a picture that includes YOUR face so that we and others know who to look for at events!
4. After you have created and verified your account, you can find ASN Meetup group and request to join. Use this link
www.meetup.com/North-Austin-Special-Needs-Parents  or search "North Austin Special Needs Parents". More information and pictures to help you join at Meetup Help 
5. Once you create a profile, highly suggest you go to adjust your "Email notifications" for Meetup.com AND for ASN notifications so you do not get overwhelmed with emails.
     a) Click on your picture at top right and select "Settings"
     b) On left side, select "Email Updates" and uncheck any you do not want from Meetup.com
     c) Scroll to bottom and you will see "Updates about your group" and select EDIT. Here is where 
          you can change what kind and how many email notifications you want to receive.
     d) For more info and picture steps go to
Meetup Email Settings  

6. You can also download the free Meetup App on your phone if you want text notifications for new events or any changes to events you are attending.
Already have Meetup Account?
Then go to 
and request to Join.