1.Growing Roots - They offer free support groups, classes and free childcare during those events. Highly recommended by parents!  "Our vision is to create an empowered community of families of children with special needs- of all ages, abilities, backgrounds and experiences. We aim to serve families through group learning and connection, by giving them information in a way that empowers them versus overwhelms them- and we aim to work with parents are partners to continue to design programs based on what families of children with special needs ask for and need."

2.Early Childhood Intervention (ECI) - "ECI assures that families with young children with developmental delays have the resources and support they need to reach their goals."

3.Bluebonnet Trails Community Services - "privileged to serve adults with serious mental illness; children and adolescents with serious mental illness or emotional disorders, autism or pervasive developmental disorders; persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities; and infants and toddlers with developmental delays."


1.Autism Society of Greater Austin - "The Autism Society of Greater Austin changes lives by connecting families and individuals to community resources and support throughout Central Texas. Offerings include support meetings in both Austin and San Antonio; on-line networking opportunities; Sensory Friendly films; and fun family activities."


1.CPATH : Cerebral Palsy Awareness Transition Hope - "CPATH is a charitable organization formed in Central Texas designed to raise awareness and funds for individuals and families living with cebreal palsy."

2.Cerebral Palsy Guide- This organization provides free educational information, financial options and emotional support for parents and children affected by cerebral palsy.


1. Down Syndrome Association of Central Texas - mission is "to provide education, support, and resources to individuals with down syndrome, their families, professionals and the community, while building public awareness and acceptance of individuals with Down Syndrome."


Texas Epilepsy Foundation South & Central Texas - EFCST strives to put an end the myths and misunderstandings about epilepsy while helping individuals with epilepsy to improve their quality of life and the opportunity to live a full and meaningful life. Explore our site to learn about our Programs, Services and Support

                                                                               TUBEROUS SCLEROSIS COMPLEX (TSC) 

1.Tuberous Sclerosis Allianceis dedicated to finding a cure for tuberous sclerosis complex (TSC) while improving the lives of those affected. Great online resource to find information and local branches.